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Everything You Need for a Perfect Bath

We’re sharing our essential products and ideas for taking the perfect bath.

If you love to take a bath and relax in a spa-like atmosphere, you are going to love these tips.  

A bath in a sloped room.

The Benefits of Bathing

We’ve known for a while that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that soaking in a warm bath can help us de-stress and heal (source – WebMD).

There’s actually a method of treating some diseases with bathing, called balneotherapy, that focuses on taking mineral baths. These baths might be in hot or cold springs, in the Dead Sea, or in a bathtub with mineral salts. These types of baths have been shown to help some skin conditions and to ease arthritis.

Regardless of whether or not baths can heal severe medical conditions, they can help us to relax and calm our minds. Bathing can be very therapeutic if you create a space for yourself to relax and set the intention that you’ll slow down and enjoy the experience.

Tips for a Relaxing Bath

In order to maximize your bathing time and truly mindfully enjoy it, we recommend these tips for a relaxing bath.

  1. Carve out space and time so that you can be alone. Ideally, you’d have at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  2. Dim the bathroom lights and light a candle or two.
  3. Choose some soothing music to play if you like background noise.
  4. Leave your phone in another room – you can end up mindlessly scrolling and not enjoying your bath to the fullest if you bring it in with you.
  5. Add fresh fruit, Epsom salt, flowers, or a bubble bath to the bathwater to make it extra special.
  6. Allow your mind to relax. If you start to worry or your mind starts to race, try to catch yourself and either take a few deep breaths or say out loud “I’m here right now”.
  7. Set the intention before you enter your bath that you want it to be a restful and relaxing experience. It really will help!
  8. Finally, after you get out of the bath, allow yourself either more quiet time or go straight to bed feeling fully relaxed.

The Best Bath Products

Here are our essential bath products. We’ve used (and love) all of these products and hope you find as much enjoyment from them as we have.

What are your essential bath products? Let us know in the comments below.

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