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25 Cheap Date Night Ideas

When you’re trying to save money, it can feel like a costly drain to go out on a date.

There are lots of free or inexpensive ways to have an adventure with someone without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re dating someone new or you’ve been with your partner for years, we’ve got some fun and cheap date night ideas we think you’ll love. 

A couple having a picnic with glasses of wine.

Fun & Cheap Date Night Ideas

You can go all out planning a fun night out or take a more chill approach to date night. Either way, there are still a bunch of dating alternatives besides just binging Netflix (no shade to Netflix though, we’ve all been there).

Here are 25 ideas for inexpensive dates:

  1. Have a picnic together. Outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather
  2. Work out together. Lots of places offer free intro classes for yoga, kickboxing, etc.
  3. Go ice skating. It’s especially cheap in the winter at outdoor rinks. 
  4. DIY spa night at home. Check out our guide on spa days at home.
  5. Create a photo scavenger hunt. Create a list of pictures you have to take on your phone.
  6. Go bowling. Lots of bowling alleys have very reasonable prices and some offer fun theme nights. 
  7. Go on a late-night bike ride. If you don’t have your own bikes, rent them from Divvy or another local bike rental. 
  8. Go to a local park and rent a canoe. State parks usually offer very low prices for canoes and kayaks. 
  9. Find a cheap happy hour. Check your local listings for cheap happy hours and split an appetizer with some drinks. 
  10. Fly kites. Kites are usually very cheap to purchase. Grab a few and head to the park.
  11. Make a new recipe together. Choose a fun recipe that you’ll both enjoy.
  12. Go out for ice cream. Especially fun in the summer! Walk to an ice cream shop, and sit outdoors together.
  13. Pick berries or fruit at an orchard. U-pick places are usually inexpensive and are lots of fun – and bonus, you’ll have some lovely fruit.
  14. Look for free museum days. Some museums are free year-round, and others offer free weekday deals or once-a-month free days for local residents.
  15. Go on a hike at a park near you. Maybe there’s a state park near you or just some hiking trails. Get out and enjoy your surroundings. 
  16. Go on a tour of a local brewery or distillery. Breweries, wineries, and distilleries will often offer tours with small tastings for $10 or $15.
  17. Build a bonfire and make s’mores. Check your local laws to make sure this is allowed!
  18. Play a board game. We recommend 7 Wonders Duel and Jaipur for excellent 2-player board games. 
  19. Watch movies in the park. Recreation departments in cities and towns often offer free music, movies, and plays in parks. Check your local listings.
  20. Go to a coffeehouse for live music. For just the price of two coffees, you can watch great live music.
  21. Walk dogs together. Go to an animal shelter and walk dogs or pet the cats together.
  22. A make-your-own night. Have a make-your-own pizza night, pasta night, or s’mores night!
  23. Play games in the park. Play frisbee or croquet or bocce ball in a park.
  24. Play 20 questions. Ask each other fun questions over dinner or drinks
  25. Go to a matinee. Matinees (afternoon shows) of movies and plays can be lots cheaper.

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