10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Friend


Here are ten easy ways to be a better friend. We all love to have close friends who care about us and treat us well. To have those kinds of people in your life, you need to be one of those people. Have you ever wondered can I be a better friend? Here are a few recommendations of ways to up your friendship game and treat the people you care about well!

How to Be the Best Friend You Can Be

1. Keep your commitments and promises. If you say you’ll show up to something, show up.

2. Let your friends really see you. Share your actual emotions with them in an open and honest way.

3. Send them a funny card or text to let them know you’re thinking of them.

4. Be loyal. Stand up for your friends and don’t gossip about them behind their back.

5. Stay in touch, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for communication. Be willing to pick back up communication (without resentment) if you’ve gone a while without speaking.

6. Keep your conversations balanced. You can unload your stuff on them, but make sure you are respecting their needs and listening and asking about their experiences as well.

7. Respect their boundaries. Some people need more time to recharge and might not be able to make it to every planned brunch or outing – invite them but don’t judge them if they can’t make it.

8. Say you’re sorry when you’ve done something wrong.

9. Surprise them with a kind gesture on a bad day.

10. Tell them why you’re grateful for them.

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