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10 Birthday Resolutions You Should Set This Year

You might be thinking, what the heck is a birthday resolution? It’s like a new year’s resolution or intention but it’s very personal to you.

A birthday resolution (or as well refer to them, intentions) is when you set goals for the next year of your life ahead. 

Setting Birthday Intentions

As we get older, birthdays can feel less and less exciting. Perhaps we’re worried about getting older or our celebrations aren’t as fun as they once were. We can feel adrift and melancholy on our birthdays.

One way of reframing this and focusing on the day is to set some birthday intentions. Ask yourself, who do you hope to be in the next year of your life?

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A well-crafted intention starts with your values and becomes a statement about how you want to show up in the world. They are guideposts for who you want to “be” and how you want to show up, instead of what you want to “do” or accomplish.

Christie Inge

When I’ve created birthday intentions, I’ve tried to focus less on what I’ll do (lose weight, exercise regularly, etc) than on who I want to be and what traits I want to develop.

Here are ten ideas for birthday intentions you could set for yourself this year. Do any of these feel like something you’d like to say?

  1. I will be more connected to nature.
  2. I will love and honor my body.
  3. I will feel more at peace.
  4. I will share and receive more love.
  5. I am confident in myself.
  6. I accept myself just as I am.
  7. I am committed to justice and equality for all.
  8. I am strong.
  9. I will forgive myself and others.
  10. I intend to always practice kindness.

How to Make Intentions Stick

Setting these intentions and regularly checking back in with them can be incredibly powerful. There’s no need to make yourself feel guilty if you feel like you’re slipping on some of them, just start afresh with the intention and move forward.

Creating a ritual around reviewing your intentions can be helpful. Perhaps you want to hang them on your mirror or repeat them before you meditate each morning. Try to review your intentions at least once a week, if possible. And practice gratitude as you see yourself growing and changing.

Perhaps you’ll notice your confidence growing or that you were patient and kind in a tough situation – journal about those feelings and express gratitude for them. The more you can positively reinforce these intentions in your life, the stronger they’ll be!

Quotes About Setting Intentions

Print these out and hang them up if you need a little boost with setting intentions!

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Do you have questions or comments about setting intentions on your birthday? Let us know in the comments below.


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