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7 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall in Your Home

A great gallery wall can be a centerpiece for any room.

They’re especially striking in living rooms and dining rooms, but what’s the best way to create a gallery wall in your house?

These 7 tips will help you create the masterpiece of art you’ve always wanted!

how to create a gallery wall in your home

How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

We’ve created several gallery walls in multiple homes, here’s our best advice for getting your photos, art, and sculptures hung beautifully together.

  1. Include a mix of artwork. Your collection doesn’t have to be totally matchy-matchy to look good, but do look for ways to include a theme. Sometimes gallery walls have a color that runs through all the pictures, or a specific subject (koi fish or Paris, etc), or sometimes they have similar color frames (all gold, all black).
  2. Avoid having every piece in the same frame. Having everything framed in the exact same way will look a little boring. Similar colors or styles can look great, but mix it up a bit!
  3. Have multiple shapes and sizes. A variety of sizes tends to look good together. That being said, don’t do one giant piece and two small ones. Look for some balance. And remember, not everything has to be a framed picture – you could include a shelf with plants or a sculpture.
  4. Gather and display pieces you love. Don’t worry about having everything right away. Take your time to find interesting pieces that you love. 
  5. Determine the style of display you want. Some people like linear groupings with everything in straight lines and other people like a more organic look. Choose the one that suits you and your space the best.
  6. Lay it out on the floor first to create measurements. Decide the exact display you want by moving your pieces around on the floor. Then measure between pieces so you’ll know how to hang it up. Drawing a little diagram can help as well.
  7. Hang it with hanging strips and not nails. If something isn’t in the right spot, you can easily move it if you use damage-free hanging strips. If you go at it with a hammer and nails, you risk having to do a lot of patchwork later.

Do you have more gallery wall ideas or questions? Let us know in the comments below. And also check out these other posts you might be interested in.

How to plan a gallery wall for your home. 7 tips for creating a great gallery wall in your living room or dining room.