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10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

If you want to make your bedroom a sanctuary and a space to relax and feel calm, you only need to take a few steps to get there!

You need to think about the space you have and how you expect it to be used, then it’s just setting it up, decluttering in some cases, and maintaining the space. 

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How to Make Your Bedroom a Space You’ll Love & Want to Use

Bedrooms should feel safe, cozy, and inviting. We use them for a large portion of the day, but it’s very easy to neglect thinking about and caring for our bedrooms.

You can change that and make your bedroom a space you’ll love and enjoy using. 

Think carefully about what you want from the space

Do you want a space for relaxation? Do you need a workout space or a reading nook?

Consider what the ideal set-up would be and try to rearrange your space to make it fit what you want it to be. 

Consider the colors

Neutral colors and light colors are often more calming in bedrooms. Think light blues and greys.

If you love bolder colors, there’s no reason you can’t make a beautiful space with something louder. But if you want a calm, relaxing space, keep the color palette cozier. 

Make it smell great

Sometimes the best-smelling bedrooms are the ones with an absence of smell! If you have sweaty gym clothes or other things that leave your room less than fresh, we recommend starting with this odor-removing gel.

If you like a gentle scent, we highly recommend these reed diffusers from Nest

Display things that make you smile

Surround yourself with things you love, like pictures of family or friends, items with special memories, or things you think are beautiful.

Declutter your space and remove anything that you no longer need or love. 

Get quality bed linens 

We spend at least 6 to 8 hours in our bed each day. Invest in quality bedding that feels great. 

Ban electronics

If at all possible keep TVs, computers, and phones out of your bedroom. Electronics are activating and will mess with your sleep – to keep your space zen, lose the screens. 

Add some candles

Candlelight is calming. It’s a very yellow-orange light that makes us feel cozy and warm. 

Keep it organized

One of the single best ways to love your space and to use it well is to keep it organized! Declutter as much as possible and have a place for everything that’s left.

Keep your nightstand clear of everything you can, hang up your clothes, and store everything else. 

Bring in nature

Add plants to your space for a touch of the outside. Plants liven up a room and can actually clear the air. 

Make your bed

Oprah makes her bed every day…just sayin’. Making your bed every day will keep your room looking neat, you’ll feel accomplished, and it’s so much nicer to get into a bed that was made each night. 

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