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18 Beautiful Things to Add to Your Meditation Room

If you love meditating at home, here are some great ideas for beautiful things to include in your meditation room.

A woman in meditation room.

What do you need for a meditation room?

If you want to set up a meditation room in your home, the most important thing to have is a quiet, secluded space.

It doesn’t need to be large or decorated in a special way, but a dedicated space for meditation can be incredibly helpful and sacred.

We’re sharing a few of our favorite items for meditation spaces – including cushions and meditation stools, candles, incense holders, and beautiful wall hangings. They can help make a space especially cozy and comforting.

Beautiful Things for Your Meditation Room

What plants are good in a meditation room?

Plants that keep the air fresh are always helpful in a meditation space. Beyond that, include any plants that you love and feel comforted by.

Personally, I love fan palms and fiddle leaf figs in a mediation room. I also have several succulents in the window.

What is the best color for a meditation room?

The best color for a meditation room is one that helps you relax and focus. Serene colors like pastels are always a good choice.

Some people prefer darker palettes to relax, though. So explore what choices feel relaxing to you.

Creating Your Own Mediation Room

Now that you have all these ideas, how will you create your own meditation space at home?

Remember to find a space that is quiet, relaxing, and available when you need it. Add a few special touches like a dedicated cushion or candle to help you relax and focus.