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Genius Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Give your best friend an adorable gift! Whether it’s her birthday, the holidays, or your celebrating friendship day – you want an awesome gift that’s both meaningful and cute.

The best gifts are ones that show how much we care. You don’t have to buy your friends something huge or expensive to show them how much they mean to you.

We’re sharing 10 meaningful friendship gift ideas that we hope you’ll love.

Friendship Gifts Your Bestie Will Love

Need more friendship gift ideas?

Here are some of our favorite free or inexpensive gifts you can give a friend.

  • Make them a DIY spa day gift – or better yet, make them several items like a bath bomb, foot scrub, and face mask and give them a spa day basket!
  • Create a book of photos for them – pull together all your favorite memories and caption each photo. Here’s a pretty photo album you could use for the photos.
  • If they have kids, offer a day of babysitting. They’ll love it if you take the kids somewhere else and they get to be home alone.
  • Bake them some delicious chocolate chip cookies!
  • Create a recipe book for them with your tried and true favorite recipes that you know they’d love.
  • Get a couple of books you know they’d like from a used book store.
  • Create a memory jar for them – write down all your best memories with them or special messages for them and gift them a jar full. Make enough for a full month or even better – a full year!
  • Plan a day out for them. Find a free day at a museum, pack a picnic, and take them on an adventure.

Let us know in the comments below – what’s your favorite gift to give to a friend?


Monday 6th of November 2023

What a sweet list of great ideas!