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30 Self Care Journal Prompts for Self Discovery + PDF

This collection of self-care journal prompts will help you discover more about yourself and improve your well-being in the process.

Before you can really delve into self-care, you need to be self-aware, to understand what your needs are.

This series of questions can be used however you’d like, but we provided 30 in case you’d like to journal about one question each day.

A pen sitting on a journal next to a cup of coffee.

How Journal Prompts Can Help You

When you start journaling it can be frustrating to stare at a blank page and wonder what to write about. Journal prompts help focus your thoughts and give you a direction to write about.

Self-Care Journal Prompts

Here are 30 questions for improving your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through journaling.

  1. When do I feel most at ease?
  2. When do I feel most happy?
  3. What am I most proud of?
  4. When do I feel most confident?
  5. What do I think my most powerful trait is?
  6. What’s my favorite way to spend time alone?
  7. What recharges me the most?
  8. What do I feel I’m sacrificing right now on behalf of others?
  9. What do I need to forgive myself for?
  10. Am I living my life in alignment right now?
  11. What are three things I’d like to tell my past self?
  12. What are three things I want to tell my future self?
  13. Am I doing what I love for a living?
  14. What does success mean to me?
  15. What things am I doing to positively impact my future?
  16. What’s one positive change I want to make in my life?
  17. Are there any thought patterns that are holding me back right now?
  18. What’s something I can do to step outside my comfort zone to grow more?
  19. What drains my energy?
  20. Am I happy with my friendships and most important relationships?
  21. What’s my relationship with money and do I need to change anything?
  22. How am I making sure I recharge and avoid burnout?
  23. What’s my ideal income and how would my life change if I was earning that?
  24. How do I feel about my body?
  25. Are there any things I can do to take more care of my body?
  26. What’s my biggest challenge with money?
  27. What’s my biggest challenge with my emotional health?
  28. What expectations do I have of myself that I’m not meeting?
  29. What do I need to do to love myself more?
  30. What would it feel like to fully accept myself?

Free Journal Prompt PDF

Download a free PDF of these journal prompts, so you can use it for your daily journaling.

Click Here to Download the PDF