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101 Words to Describe a Friend

This post is about positive words (adjectives) to describe a good friend.

If you’re looking to give a wedding toast or speech about your friend, write them a recommendation letter, or you just need to talk about them in a positive way, these are some helpful adjectives you can use to describe them.

There are all sorts of ways to describe the people we love – from how they act, what they’ve accomplished, or the qualities they routinely exhibit.

This list offers options to describe these qualities in more detail than just saying, “this person is nice” or “they’re so great”.

This list is in alphabetical order, so you can easily find what you need!

A group of friends at a festival.

Positive Adjectives to Describe a Friend

  1. Active – engaged in energetic work, participatory, nimble, quick
  2. Adaptable – able to adjust to new conditions
  3. Adventurous – willing to take new risks, full of excitement
  4. Affable – friendly and good-natured, an easy person to talk to
  5. Affectionate – easily expressing fondness and readily showing feelings
  6. Agreeable – pleasant, enjoyable, and pleasurable to be around
  7. Alluring – powerfully attractive, seductive, or fascinating
  8. Altruistic – showing selfless concern for the well-being of others
  9. Ambitious – showing a strong desire to achieve
  10. Amiable – having a friendly and pleasant personality
  11. Attractive – appealing to look at
  12. Balanced – fairly judging things and taking everything into account
  13. Benevolent – well-meaning and kind personality
  14. Boisterous – energetic and cheerful behavior, exhuberant
  15. Brave – shows courage, ready to face possible danger
  16. Bright – quick-witted and intelligent
  17. Brilliant – accomplished, clever, or talented
  18. Calm – serene, peaceful, and the absence of confrontational or angry emotions
  19. Candid – forthright and straightforward speech
  20. Charismatic – a charming and magnetic personality
  21. Cheeky – irreverent behavior that is often amusing and endearing
  22. Cheerful – happy and optimistic personality
  23. Chic – stylish and elegant, usually refers to fashion sense
  24. Clever – intelligent and quick to comprehend ideas
  25. Compassionate – shows sympathy and concern for other people
  26. Confident – self-assured and showing belief in oneself
  27. Conscientious – showing diligence and the desire for what is right
  28. Considerate – showing regard for other people’s emotions and opinions
  29. Cooperative – collaborative and works well with others
  30. Courageous – brave and undeterred in the face of fear
  31. Creative – having imaginative and original ideas
  32. Cultured – a civilized and well-educated person with refined taste
  33. Curious – an eagerness to learn or know more
  34. Cute – appealing in an attractive or adorable way
  35. Dazzling – an impressive or remarkable personality
  36. Decisive – having the ability to make quick, concise decisions
  37. Delightful – a charming and agreeable personality
  38. Determined – displaying purposeful or resolved behavior
  39. Devoted – a loyal and true person
  40. Diligent – hard working and conscientious about work
  41. Diplomatic – tactful and sensitive to not offend
  42. Discrete – a trustworthy person who does not spread information
  43. Distinguished – commands respect and may be well-known
  44. Driven – hardworking and ambitious personality
  45. Dynamic – full of energy, ideas, and spirit
  46. Eager – a keen and enthusistic interest
  47. Easy-going – having a tolerant and relaxed manner
  48. Efficient – competent and methodical with time and resources
  49. Elegant – stylish and tasteful in appearance or behavior
  50. Empathetic – understanding and compassionate toward the feelings of others
  51. Encouraging – supportive and positive
  52. Energetic – lively and dynamic behavior
  53. Engaging – charming and appealing personality
  54. Enterprising – resourceful, ingenious, and recognizes opportunities
  55. Enthusiastic – showing passion and intense interest
  56. Ethical – having moral principles
  57. Exuberant – showing lively energy and excitement
  58. Fastidious – attentive to detail and accuracy
  59. Flexible – adaptable to circumstances and conditions
  60. Friendly – pleasant and amiable personality
  61. Funny – humorous or amusing
  62. Generous – showing plentiful kindness towards others
  63. Gentle – kind and tender temperament
  64. Glamourous – elegant, beautiful, and attractive style
  65. Graceful – tasteful and refined
  66. Gregarious – sociable and popular personality
  67. Humble – respectful and deferential behavior
  68. Independent – self-sufficient and free from influence
  69. Inspiring – encouraging and influencing others
  70. Intuitive – instinctive and innate understanding
  71. Inventive – creative and displaying original thought
  72. Jovial – cheerful and happy personality
  73. Keen – discerning and highly developed understanding
  74. Kind – friendly, generous, and considerate
  75. Kind-hearted – having a friendly and sympathetic nature
  76. Lively – full of energy, active and outgoing
  77. Lovely – an attractive and beautiful person
  78. Mature – makes fully considered decisions, emotionally balanced
  79. Nurturing – protective and encouraging
  80. Optimistic – a positive and confident outlook
  81. Patient – tolerant and uncomplaining in the face of delays or trouble
  82. Proficient – accomplished and experiences
  83. Refined – having an elegant and civilized manner
  84. Relaxed – laid-backed and untroubled nature
  85. Reliable – able to be trusted
  86. Resourceful – ingenious and able to quickly solve problems
  87. Selfless – altruistic and concerned with the needs of others
  88. Sharp – quick-witted and clever
  89. Sincere – a genuine person free from deceit
  90. Sporty – athletic, casual, and jaunty
  91. Sociable –  friendly, affable, and engaging with people
  92. Sympathetic –  an empathetic and friendly personality
  93. Tasteful – showing great aesthetic judgment
  94. Tender – showing gentleness and sympathy
  95. Thoughtful – attentive and considerate of the feelings of others
  96. Warm-hearted – a kind-hearted and generous person
  97. Wholesome – a good and ethical person
  98. Witty – amusing and quick communication style
  99. Wise – showing experience and good judgment
  100. Zealous – showing passion
  101. Zippy – a bright, fresh, and lively personality


Hopefully, this list gives you some great ideas for describing your friends and your friendship. If you’re giving a toast or writing something about them, these descriptive words should cover all their great qualities!