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7 TED Talks on Spirituality That Will Inspire You

These TED talks on spirituality, religion, and God will inspire you! If you’re looking for a little light and love or maybe just a reconnection with your spiritual self, then check out these talks.

Some are serious, and a little sad, others are humorous – but they’re all full of heart.

They’ll encourage you to think more deeply about your own spirituality and beliefs. The following talks are some of TED’s most popular videos for good reason.

1. We Can Be Buddhas

2. I Grew Up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s Why I Left.

3. Why The Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone

4. My Failed Mission to Find God – And What I Found Instead

5. The Habits of Happiness

6. How We Can Face the Future Without Fear, Together

7. Letting Go of God

We hope you enjoyed these TED talks on spirituality.

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