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25 Ways to Romanticize Your Life

Romanticizing your life adds a little sparkle to each day. It makes a cup of coffee a cozy treat and a stray sunbeam a thing of beauty.

Essentially it’s choosing to see the beauty around you and making each day have a specialness.

I’ll share some of my favorite ways of romanticizing the mundane in hopes that it will inspire you!

What is romanticizing your life?

Romanticizing your life is celebrating the small things. It’s acknowledging that each day is made up of tiny (sometimes rote or repetitive) experiences that can be savored and enjoyed.

The trend of romanticizing your life took off this year when a TikTok audio was introduced that began, “You have to start romanticizing your life, you have to start thinking of yourself as the main character, ‘cause if you don’t, life will continue to pass you by”.

You’ve got to take a moment to enjoy the trees on a morning walk, savor every last sip of your cup of tea, revel in making a satisfying meal.

By noticing and appreciating the small details of our lives, we feel more present in them and enjoy them more. Allow yourself to be the main character of your own life!

A woman standing on a hill overlooking a valley and hills.

25 Ways to Romanticize Everyday Life

1. Try a new hobby just for fun and allow yourself to enjoy it without critiquing your talent.

2. Read a book just for fun.

3. Pair down your wardrobe to only the things you love and like wearing.

4. Buy yourself one piece of clothing that you know you absolutely love (even if it’s a little different).

5. Listen to music that makes you feel like you’re the main character in a movie.

6. Go on a nature walk and notice at least 10 things you love.

7. Buy yourself the nicest tea, coffee, or other beverage of your choice to start the day.

8. Make a recipe you’ve always wanted to try.

9. Start your day with some positive affirmations.

10. Go for a visit to a museum or gallery that’s always intrigued you.

11. Pack a picnic lunch.

12. Sign up for a painting, pottery, flower arranging, or other creative class.

13. Take a relaxing bath and absolutely revel in it.

14. Write someone a real letter and mail it to them.

15. Hang out with people who see that magic too.

16. Keep track of what you already love about your life in a journal – write 5 things you love each day.

17. Watch the sunset or the sunrise each day for a week.

18. Create a scrapbook for each year – highlight an awesome thing that happened each month.

19. Read a book outside, under a tree.

20. Buy yourself your favorite flowers and display them prominently.

21. Plan a solo trip or day trip for yourself and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to see.

22. Watch the stars or a meteor shower.

23. Tell the people you love that you love them.

24. Have a tea party with some friends.

25. Make a playlist of all the songs that were popular in your high school years and dance to it, often.


We aren’t guaranteed any amount of time here and the time we get certainly isn’t infinite. So, it’s important to allow ourselves the chance to savor what we do have and the experiences we get to have.

Not every day, month, or year will be great – but I certainly hope your life will be filled with cherished moments. And I hope you’ll take the opportunity to celebrate and romanticize the small details that make your days special.


Friday 7th of October 2022

I needed this, thank you.