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10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing in the Winter

When the air is cold and dry, your skin dehydrates much faster – making it dry and tight.

Winter skin is a real thing! Winter is hard enough without having dry, cracked skin. Here are ten ideas for keeping your skin glowing and healthy this winter.

A black woman with glowing skin.

1. Drink lots of water

It’s important to keep your body hydrated from the inside. We tend to drink less water in the winter because it’s colder and we feel less thirsty.

Chugging cold water in winter may sound unappealing so find other ways to get more water in – eat soup, drink tea, eat vegetables.

2. Don’t take super hot showers

Hot showers can be extremely drying and damaging to your skin – especially in winter when your skin dehydrates so much faster.

Even though a hot bath or shower initially feels amazing when it’s cold out, it can cause skin itchiness and flakiness. Try to take more lukewarm showers.

3. Add a hydrating mask to your routine

It’s important to hydrate your skin from the outside as well. Use oil-based or hydrating masks once a week during the winter.

Avoid any clay-based or drying masks that remove oil. They may clear up blackheads, but they will ultimately dry your skin too much in the winter. You can even make your own face mask!

4. Use Petroleum jelly or glycerine on your feet and hands

Glycerine and petroleum jelly can leave your skin feeling a little greasy, so don’t use it all over, unless you are prepared to be a little shiny!

You should use it on your feet and hands though, where your skin can get dry and cracked, and rub it in completely. I like Aquaphor.

5. Use a humidifier in your bedroom

When you heat your house it reduces the moisture in the air. Sleep with a humidifier in the bedroom. I use this travel humidifier when I’m on the road and this ultrasonic humidifier in my bedroom.

6. Minimize your use of soaps

The less you can strip the natural oil from your skin, the better. Don’t use overly harsh soaps or highly perfumed ones. I recommend both Aveeno’s moisturizing bar and shea butter soap.

7. Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing

Apply a moisturizer or lotion right after you shower and towel off – when your skin is still damp. This will lock moisture into your skin.

8. Use sunscreen, even on cloudy days

Protect your skin year-round by wearing sunscreen daily! Keeping your skin from burning will ensure it stays healthy.

9. Avoid wearing wool or other scratchy material

Often wool can inflame skin or cause rashes, avoid wearing it directly against your skin. Avoid any other scratchy materials that inflame your skin.

10. Use laundry detergents that are fragrance-free

Laundry detergents full of fragrance can easily inflame your skin, especially when it’s at its most sensitive in the winter. Switch to using a fragrance-free detergent.