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105 Inspirational Words that Start with R

This post is about inspirational words that start with the letter “R”. Using positive language in our everyday life can have a profound impact.

This list of positive words that start with “R” can be used to describe a person, feeling, or experience.

Whether you want to create some positive affirmations, are looking for a word with a positive vibe to put in a letter for a dear friend, or use it in all sorts of other ways like a word finder or search, email address, or Scrabble, I’ve got some great ideas for you!

This list of powerful words is in alphabetical order, so you can easily find what you need! These are all common, English language words.

Inspirational words with letter R graphic.

Powerful R Words

There are a lot of words on the list below, but six of the most powerful positive words on this list are:

  • Resilience – the ability to recover quickly from difficulties
  • Resourceful – able to quickly and cleverly overcome difficulties
  • Robust – strong, healthy, and able to withstand stress and discomfort 
  • Relentless – persistent, determined, and refusing to give up
  • Resolute – determined and unwavering in purpose
  • Rebound – recovering quickly from a setback

Resilience shows a person’s ability to overcome adversity. It shows a certain mental toughness and strength of character. It’s a quality that can be cultivated through hard work and determination.

Resourcefulness similarly shows the way a person overcomes problems and trials, through ingenuity. Whether through cleverness or sheer grit, how resourceful you are will be on display when you are confronted with difficult times.

Robustness is often associated with a strong body but it’s more than that – it’s a drive that is healthy enough to take on life’s challenges.

Relentlessness is the persistent and unwavering decision to not give up. Whether this is in a physical pursuit like running a marathon or a mental goal of getting out of bed on every tough day, it is constantly showing up.

Resoluteness is pursuing purpose to the end. Similar to being relentless, it is a dogged pursuit of one’s goal.

The ability to rebound with great speed from a setback shows all of the words above – a resoluteness of spirit, a robustness of will, a relentless drive, a resourceful mind, and a resilient way of being.

List of Positive R Words

Here’s the full list of positive words that start with R!

  1. rad
  2. radiant
  3. radiantly
  4. radical
  5. rainbow
  6. raise
  7. rally
  8. rapid
  9. rapidly
  10. rapport
  11. rapt
  12. rapturous
  13. rare
  14. rarefied
  15. razzle-dazzle
  16. reachable
  17. ready
  18. reaffirm
  19. real 
  20. reap
  21. realist
  22. realize
  23. reasoned
  24. reassuring
  25. rebirth
  26. reborn
  27. rebuild
  28. receive
  29. receptive
  30. recommence
  31. recharge
  32. reciprocate
  33. reclaim
  34. recognition
  35. reconcile
  36. recommendation
  37. record-breaking
  38. recover
  39. redeem
  40. redefined
  41. redevelop
  42. refined
  43. reflective
  44. reform
  45. refresh
  46. refreshed
  47. refreshing
  48. refulgent
  49. regal
  50. reign
  51. reincarnate
  52. rejoicing
  53. rejuvenating 
  54. relaxed
  55. relaxing
  56. relentless
  57. reliable
  58. relish
  59. relish
  60. remarkable
  61. remedy
  62. renewable
  63. renewal
  64. renowned
  65. replenish
  66. reputable
  67. reshape
  68. resilient 
  69. resolute
  70. resolution
  71. resonate
  72. resourceful
  73. respect
  74. respondent
  75. responsible 
  76. rest
  77. restart
  78. restore
  79. revel
  80. revelation
  81. revere
  82. reverie
  83. revitalized
  84. revival
  85. revolutionize
  86. reward
  87. rewarding
  88. rich
  89. right
  90. righteous
  91. rightness
  92. rigor
  93. rigorous
  94. rip-roaring
  95. rise
  96. rising
  97. ritzy
  98. riveting
  99. roar
  100. roaringly
  101. robust
  102. root
  103. rosy
  104. rousing
  105. royal


Hopefully, our long list of nice words gives you some great ideas for unique letter “R” words.

However you use them, I hope they come in helpful and you’ve found some new words that will become some of your favorite positive words to use in your daily life!

Motivational words with letter R graphic.

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