5 Ways to Detox from Electronics


It’s important to detox from electronics – even though phones, computers, and tablets are great. They connect us to people around the world, but they also can take over a lot of our time. There are all kinds of important reasons for unplugging – we get to know people better, we sleep better, and you’ll think more clearly.

There are a few quick and easy ways we can detox from our electronics. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments below!

1. No phones at the dining room table.

Switch them off or leave them in another room, but make sure to take some time out during dinner to be separate from your phone. It gives you a chance to unplug and connect with the people you love over a meal.

2. No phones by the bed.

This is possibly the most important way you can disconnect from your electronics. It helps you sleep better when you don’t look at the blue light of your phone screen – if you can, put it away an hour before you go to bed. Buy an alarm clock so you don’t need to use your phone to wake up.

3. Increase your non-screen activities.

Starting a few activities that are phone or computer free will naturally crowd out your screen time. This can be anything from a sports league to a painting class. Choose something to do that doesn’t allow or need technology to do it.

4. Set hours for responding to email.

Make some rules for yourself around email. For instance, I have a rule that I don’t respond to any emails on Saturday. I don’t check them and I don’t respond to them. If you can, set aside time every week that you don’t need to check your email.

5. Set a timer for your social media use.

One of the biggest time wasters is social media. We love it and we also hate the amount of time we can unwittingly spend on it. If you like to browse on Instagram or Facebook for fun, try setting an alarm on your phone for the amount of time you’ll allow yourself to look at it. This keeps you cognizant of the time your spending on social media and lets you walk away from it more easily. Another great way to use Facebook but not be overwhelmed by it is the newsfeed eradicator.

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