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5 Restaurants in Amman You Need to Try

Here are five restaurants in Amman that you are going to love!

Amman, Jordan is a wonderful city to visit – it’s a busy city – with lots of great culture and museums, Roman ruins, and many modern shops and restaurants.

If you’re looking for traditional Arabic food or something a little more unique, you’ll love one of these restaurants.

Hashem Restaurant

Hashem’s might be the most famous restaurant in Jordan. It’s been serving traditional hummus, foul, muttabel, and falafel since 1952 in Jordan’s city center (or Balad).

It serves only vegetarian food. If you like classic, Arabic food with a busy environment – you will love Hashem. It’s full of character!

The restaurant is open 24 hours so you can stop by for a snack or any meal. This is a great restaurant if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s a map to get there.

Sufra Restaurant

Sufra is an elegant restaurant with traditional Jordanian food. It serves delicious meat and veggie dishes that are beautifully presented.

There is indoor and outdoor seating and both settings are beautiful, but the outdoor garden with a fountain is pretty special! Sufra is a higher-end restaurant with prices to match.

Here’s a map to get to Sufra. It’s on beautiful Rainbow Street – there are lots of shops (bookstores, antiques, art galleries) to visit along the street.

Shawerma Reem

At second circle in Amman, there’s a 5×10 foot stand that serves some awesome shawerma!

It’s cheap and delicious food. If you like bread and meat with delicious sauce – you will love grabbing dinner here. There are lots of place to sit around second circle, so get a shawerma and watch the world go by.

Here’s a map to get to Shawerma Reem.

Wild Jordan Center

Wild Jordan has seasonal, healthy food with locally sourced ingredients.

But the real joy of this restaurant is the view! It looks out over the balad and Jabal Al Qala’a. Wild Jordan is moderately priced.

Here’s a map to get to Wild Jordan.

Blue Fig Restaurant

Blue Fig has multiple locations in Amman (including a coffee shop at the airport), but I think the restaurant in Abdoun is the best location.

It’s got a coffee shop and a bar included, so it’s a great place for brunch or a fun night out. It’s moderately priced and has a very cool atmosphere.

Here’s a map to get to Blue Fig in Abdoun. It’s right across the street from Taj Mall – it’s full of great shops and has a large cinema.

If you have other favorite restaurants in Amman, share them in the comments below!