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10 Easy Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

We all know what random acts of kindness are – those surprising little pockets of joy in the day when someone unexpectedly smiles at us, pays for our coffee, or goes out of their way to do something kind.

One of the best ways to feel happy is to actually make someone else happy. We find joy in sharing and loving others.

Here’s a challenge for you: choose one of the random acts of kindness below to do each day this week. You could do a different one each day or repeat the same one.

At the end of the week write down how you felt after you practiced 7 days of kindness – I bet you’ll be surprised by how good you feel!

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

– Khalil Gibran
Two girls hugging each other.

1. Compliment at least three people today.

Maybe it’s the first three people you talk to or people you don’t often compliment, but find a kind thing to say about at least three people today.

Most people will light up with the praise, while others might feel a little awkward (they’ll still be secretly pleased!), but you’ll have most likely made someone’s day.

2. Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you.

This one’s a standard on every random act of kindness list!

It doesn’t have to be coffee, it could be a meal or someone’s groceries, but however big or small the purchase – the recipient will be pleased.

3. Call or text someone you think might be lonely or going through a tough time.

Maybe it’s a friend going through a breakup or your aunt who just lost her job, but we all know people that are probably having a rough day. Why not send them a quick text to say you’re thinking about them?

If you have the time, a phone call to ask them how they’re doing would be even better!

4. Send an email expressing your gratitude or praise to a coworker.

This can be a short few lines praising or thanking someone for a job well done. Your coworker will definitely appreciate the gesture.

5. Purchase dog or cat toys and drop them at an animal shelter.

If you can’t afford to purchase any toys, just stop by a shelter and take a dog for a walk or pet some kittens. Shelters can use all the help they can get.

6. Run an errand for a friend or family member who is busy.

We all know overworked parents or a friend who can’t quite handle everything on their plate right now. Give that person a call or text and tell them you want to do something for them.

Even better if you can give an example of what you’re willing to do.

7. Write a list of things you love about your partner or a friend and give it to them.

Everyone loves to feel loved – what a kind way to improve your relationship and make someone smile – give them a list of five or ten or twenty reasons you love them.

8. Bake some cookies or muffins and deliver them to neighbors.

Or if you’re short on time, pick up some treats from your favorite bakery and drop them off at a few people’s houses.

9. Write a positive review of a business you like.

Small businesses can be made or broken by Yelp reviews.

We tend to write reviews when we’ve had a negative interaction, but why not help a business or two out by posting a positive review? The business owners will love it!

10. Make someone feel part of the conversation.

We’ve all been in group conversations where someone feels left out.

If you see someone who wants to participate but is too shy or is not getting a chance to share their opinion, speak up and ask them what they think.

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