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5 Unique Hostess Gifts

Finding unique hostess gifts is a bit of an art form. For most dinner parties or events, a bottle of wine or a nice candle will suffice (and be very appreciated!).

If the host or the party calls for a more unusual hostess gift, here are five ideas for unique gifts.

Below are 5 ideas that should stoke your creativity when it comes to finding a unique gift!

There’s a DIY option (the flavored sugar), cheaper options (herbs and salt), and a slightly more expensive option (olive tree adoption) that might be best suited as a larger gift – perhaps for someone who is hosting you for several nights.

1. A Set of Salt

One of my favorite hostess gifts to receive is unusual salt – even better would be to get a bunch of salt! Why not put together a gift bag with three unique salts? We recommend:

2. Fresh Herb Plants

Everybody loves fresh herbs! They smell great, they taste great, and they’re surprisingly easy to grow.

This organic herb collection is a great gift.

3. Scented Sugars

It’s incredibly easy to make scented sugars – they’re delicious in cocktails, baked goods, and an afternoon cup of tea.

You can DIY your own – here are a few ideas:

 Lilac Sugar from Call Me Cupcake

Lilac Sugar from Call Me Cupcake

4. A Little Something for the Bar

Gifting something for your friend’s cocktail bar will always be appreciated. Here are a few gifts for the cocktail lover:

5. An Adopted Olive Tree & Olive Oil

Give the gift of Nudo Olive Oil – adopt a tree and the gift recipient will receive olive oil from their very own tree!

Happy gifting! What are your favorite unique hostess gift ideas?