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The Best ASMR Reiki Channels to Watch

ASMR Reiki is one of the most relaxing ways to fall asleep. It’s absolutely mesmerizing and is great if you need to calm down or quiet your mind.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is that tingling you feel along your scalp and the back of your neck that’s associated with visual and audio triggers. There are many wonderful YouTube channels with great ASMR content but I’ll focus on the ones combined with reiki, which is a Japanese form of energy healing.

ASMR Reiki is usually soft-spoken and involves the practitioner focusing on one area of healing or topic. There are some about setting intentions or manifestations, clearing chakras, or focusing on relaxing sleep.

I’ve been watching ASMR reiki videos for several months and these are the channels I keep coming back to. Feel free to share more suggestions in the comments below!

1. Ediyasmr

Ediya offers both personal attention reiki and ASMR meditation videos. They’re incredibly calming and Ediya has a lovely, kind personality that shines through in her videos.

She’s also started a Patreon account where you can subscribe and receive weekly tarot readings and group meditation sessions.

This is one of my favorite videos she’s done.

2. Reiki with Anna

Anna is an ASMR queen – her videos are so soft and tingle-inducing! I absolutely love all the sprays and crystals she uses in her videos.

She clearly puts so much effort into creating a fabulous experience for the viewer. I’m part of her Patreon account because I seriously have to watch everything she creates!

3. Sarah Louise Tilsley

Sarah is a reiki master teacher and an absolutely fantastic healer. I adore her Oceanic reiki sessions, as well as her focus on druid and folk elements.

She lives in the UK and has many meditations and healings done outdoors which adds a lovely element.

4. Whispers of the Wolf ASMR

Silke offers new ASMR reiki videos every week. She has some great chakra cleansing videos that focus on specific areas as well as cord-cutting videos if you’re struggling with relationships.

I love her use of crystals and how excited she gets to show off certain stones!

Here’s one of my favorite relaxing videos.

5. The Lune INNATE

Last but not least is Lune Innate’s channel. She’s an esoteric healer that in addition to her YouTube channel also offers reiki classes and has a Patreon.

She has incredibly calming videos and has several videos which focus on deep sleep and restorative sleep.

I love falling asleep to this video.

I hope you enjoy these channels as much as I do!