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Are Facials Good for Skin?

Are facials good or bad for you?

Treatments like facials can be an excellent method to revitalize your skin, eliminate sun or acne damage, and visibly tighten your skin. 

Facials are like a workout for your skin – to maintain a youthful glow you need to stimulate your skin to and encourage it to renew itself. A good facial will do this and help to even out skin tone and texture. 

As a person who has invested in many facials during their life, I can tell you that they have been a key part of keeping my skin wrinkle-free and glowing. 

A woman lying on a table getting a facial.

When to Start Facials

While some estheticians offer teen facials, the general rule is to begin getting facials in your 20s. Wearing sunscreen is the single most important thing you can do for your skin from an early age. Having a consistent skincare routine, that involves a regular facial will go a long way toward keeping your skin plump and fresh. 

You can start getting facials at any point during your life though and you’ll still see results!

What Do Facials Actually Do

Facials first and foremost remove dead skin and clear your pores. This process may involve extraction, which is a slightly painful process that clears blackheads. 

Facials will also moisturize and hydrate your skin, which helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Some facials can also help boost collagen production. 

Depending on the type of facial you get, your esthetician may focus on reducing redness, scaring, or hyperpigmentation. 

How often should the facial be done?

A facial can be done once a month or once every other month. Having a regular facial is part of a good long-term skincare routine. 

A woman getting a microdermabrasion facial.

What’s the Best Facial Treatment

Choosing the right facial will depend on the type of skin you have and what, if any, issues you would like to fix. Here are several types of facials that are popular. 

Facial Relaxation Treatment

This is the classic facial that is relaxing and is an all-over cleansing and hydrating experience. This sort of facial relaxes and calms the skin while increasing blood circulation to the face muscles. Your skin will be refreshed and glowing after this. 

Face Contouring Facial Treatment

Face-lifting techniques such as acupressure, muscle stimulation, and lymphatic drainage are all part of a contouring facial. Enhances your young appearance by toning the face muscles to create the perfect V-shaped contour.

Anti-Aging Facial 

This facial might either be microdermabrasion or microcurrent. The microdermabrasion facial removes the top layer of your skin by buffing it away – this promotes cell turnover and collagen production. A microcurrent facial uses heat to remove dead skin and promote new skin growth.

Vitamin C Facial Treatment

Loaded with Vitamin C, this facial provides a range of benefits to your skin. Its proven anti-oxidant properties help boost skin for a firm look.

It also evens out and brightens your complexion by shielding skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the visible impacts of pollution.

This treatment significantly improves the hydration and condition of the skin to make it even more radiant and glowing.

Facial Treatment to Reduce Pore Size

This facial removes excess oil from your face by scrubbing it thoroughly. As a result, pores are unclogged and their size is reduced, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

Facial Treatment for Acne

With this facial, you can get rid of excess oil and grime that could be obstructing pores if you have skin that is prone to acne. The salicylic and glycolic acids included in this product also help to treat and minimize acne, giving you a clear, spotless complexion.