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5 Meditation Apps You’ll Love

Meditation is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and relax your mind.

When you’re starting on a meditation practice, it can be helpful to practice with meditation apps.

It’s also a great way to track regular meditation. Here are 5 meditation apps that you’ll love!

1. Headspace: Meditation

Headspace has several meditations that are calming and balancing. The basics course is free and has fundamental techniques for meditation and mindfulness. There is a paid subscription with access to a larger library.

Download it for iPhone: Headspace

Download it for Android: Headspace

2. The Mindfulness App – Meditate

The Mindfulness App is good for novice and experienced meditators. There’s a five-day guided practice on mindfulness and timed sessions from 3 to 30 minutes. There’s a premium, paid subscription available with over 200 meditations.

Download it for iPhone: The Mindfulness App

Download it for Android: The Mindfulness App

3. Buddhify: Meditation on the Go

Buddhify is a calming and clarifying app with meditations on stress, anxiety, and sleep. The app includes over 200 meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Download it for iPhone: Buddhify

Download it for Android: Buddhify

4. Stop, breathe & think

This app integrates with the Health app and has tracking features for stress, mood, and sleep. It also includes tips and inspiration for daily mindfulness motivation.

Download it for iPhone: Stop, Breath & Think

Download it for Android: Stop, Breath & Think

5. Simply Being – Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence

Simply Being is a relaxing and beautiful app with a simple design. You can listen to guided meditations with music or nature sounds. It has 5 to 30-minute meditations.

Download it for iPhone: Simply Being

Download it for Android: Simply Being

Meditation is a wonderful way to deal with stress, to recenter yourself, and to take control of your mind. What’s your favorite meditation app?