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10 Reasons You Should Visit Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park, located in Southern California, is a vast and beautiful area of land straddling two deserts – the Mojave and Colorado. Here are ten great reasons you should visit Joshua Tree!

  1. The famous Joshua Tree – the twisted, bristled, unique Joshua Trees (Yucca brevifolia) are ubiquitous throughout the park.

  2. Great hikes for all skill levels – there are easy, kid-friendly hikes in Joshua Tree, as well as more strenuous hikes suited for avid hikers. Check out the 16 hikes in Joshua Tree.

  3. Variety of landscapes – The high Mojave Desert meets the low Colorado Desert to make for a unique mix of altitude and ecosystems.

  4. All the cactus – there are gardens of ocotillo and cholla cactus throughout Joshua Tree that are both stunning and unique.

  5. Epic sunrises and sunsets – the openness of the park and the desert landscape provide a stunning place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

  6. Stunning views and overlooks – Joshua Tree offers many scenic overlooks and epic rock formations.

  7. Possible animal spottings – During the day, you are likely to see lizards and birds, but at sunset and in the evening there is a possibility of running into bighorn sheep, lynx, and jackrabbits.

  8. Stargazing – Joshua Tree is an excellent place for stargazing and viewing the Milky Way. The park organizes an annual night sky festival.

  9. Campsites galore – there are over 300 campsites in Joshua tree. Some are first-come, first-serve but others require reservations – be sure to check out the campsite guide.

  10. Unique experiences – you can book a guide or take a class in Joshua Tree. Here’s information on weekend wildflower tours, rock climbing guides, photography tours, and night photography workshops.

What to Know Before You Go to Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a desert – pack accordingly and bring at least a gallon of water per person, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Parts of Joshua Tree are quite remote, so if you plan to hike, bring a first aid kit.

Most of Joshua Tree does not have cell service and there are no stores or gas stations inside, so bring all the food and water you’ll need and fill up your gas tank before entering the park.

What do you love about Joshua Tree? Let us know in the comments below!


Friday 13th of March 2020

We were there yesterday. Probably the most crowded national park we have Been to. Lovely scenry, But i Don’t like to hike in a line of people. Tough just getting scenry pictures without people in them.